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Blackstien Custom Hand-Built Guitars

Blackstien Guitars are built by hand in Toronto, Canada.
Carefully selected materials and innovative features give them their unique sound and feel. While standard models are offered, almost every aspect of the build can be customized.

Choose a stock model or have it customized to your own tastes - Each Blackstien guitar is made to

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BlackStein Guitars - The Back Story
Blackstien Guitars - Meiron I started my luthiery career by training at Roberto-Venn in Phoenix, AZ in 2003. I have since been continuously involved in the industry, racking up experience in various repair and builder shops in Canada and the US.

In 2010 I opened Six String Garage - Guitar Repair and Custom Shop in Toronto, ON. When not working on repairs or custom projects for customers - many, many hours were spent designing, prototyping and refining some original designs under the name 'Garageland Custom Instruments'. These would eventually form the base for Blackstien Custom Guitars. By 2013 several designs had reached sufficient maturity and the decision was made to shut down Six String Garage's store front location and shift the focus to building a line of high end original design guitars. They would draw on the technical lessons collected through a decade of repair and restoration work and be aesthetically inspired by the flashy and innovative designs of the 40's/50's/60's golden era of electric guitar manufacturing.

These are Blackstien Custom Guitars, and I sincerely hope my designs will inspire and excite you as much as they do me.

Meiron Blackstien, Luthier.

(Six String Garage repair service is still available by appointment)
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Blackstien Guitars - Contact
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