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PRICE: $225
Inspired by one the most influential electric guitar innovators- Paul A. Bigsby. It is hand wound in the Blackstien shop and shares almost identical guts with the Phat-Boy, with the addition of a custom CNC machined hand polished billet aluminum cover, and over-sized steel cap screw polepieces. It has a much rounder, more mellow voice than the Phat-Boy, and a very balanced response across all frequencies. With a reduced output level compared to the Phat-Boy, it is capable of creating some good crunch but will never sound harsh even when driven hard.
Available with 'Vintage' output, 'Hot' output, or tapped for dual output.

The B-type is not an attempt at an accurate replica, it is a modern version that works well in combination with other modern pickups while capturing the character of the vintage originals.

2xAlnicoV bar magnets.
Oversize adjustable steel polepieces.
CNC machined hand polished billet aluminum cover.
'Hot'~9.5k ohm (Bridge) ~8.7k ohm (Neck)
'Vintage ~7.9k ohm(Bridge) ~6.8k ohm (Neck)
50mm pole piece spacing.

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