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Auto-engage, variable hum-canceling dummy coil.
On all Blackstien guitars fitted with single coils, the pickups are reverse wound/reverse polarity so that they cancel unwanted hum when both are selected. When only one pickup is selected, the selector switch is wired to add a discretely mounted dummy coil to the ground path in the correct phase to cancel out any unwanted noise that may be picked up by that pickup.

The player doesn't have to do anything, the buzz cut circuit ensures that the extra coil is always engaged when it might be needed. Although the dummy coil makes almost no noticeable difference in tone, some may prefer to have a true single-coil circuit. The dummy coil can be shorted out of the circuit by using a mini-screwdriver to turn a trim pot through a small access hole in the control plate. A trim pot can be turned using a mini screwdriver via a small access hole in the control plate.

This allows each player to dial in precisely as much hum cancellation as they feel is necessary to suit the circumstance and their personal preference.

A rock solid neck to body coupling which provides the solid feel and performance of a set- neck with the serviceability and reliability of a bolt-on.

In a traditional neck joint – whether bolt on or glue-in, the string's tension is pulling the neck away from the joint. There are many proven, traditional methods to create a stable and reliable neck joint however, they all rely on screws or glue to hold the neck in place. By using a dovetail joint in a plane parallel to the pull of the strings, the joint itself becomes the fastener as the strings pull the joint tighter together. The mating surface area in this joint is more than twice that of a a traditional bolt- on, leaves no gaps between the parts, and requires no glue or fasteners to stay together. One steel bolt mates to an oversize steel insert which is permanently embedded in the neck. It acts to prevent fatigue or compression in the wood, which ensures good contact and a tight fitting joint for years to come.

Top: The neck heel, side and frontal view. The dovetail profile keys in to the matching cavity in the neck pocket.
Bottom: The neck heel, from behind. The heel tapers in slightly from back to front, forcing the neck further down into the pocket as it slides forward, ultimately compressing it against the floor of the cavity. The more forward pull from the strings, the more pressure compresses the mating surfaces. The steel insert on the left accepts the bolt which locks the assembly together once the joint has been fully engaged. The penny is just for luck.

Top: The neck cavity. Note how it tapers in slightly the closer it comes to the pickup rout.
Bottom, left to right: The neck half way inserted and fully locked in position.

Almost every aspect of the build can be customized on request- color scheme, materials, control layouts, so that your guitar is truly yours.

Available colours:

Also available by request: Custom blends, bursts, pearls, metallics, kandy, flake, and custom pinstriping.

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