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PRICE: $2,650

PRICE: $2,650
Inspired by a veritable classic, this model sports several features which set it apart:

The maple neck features, as a standard -a birdseye maple fretboard bound with matching wood from the same billet. At first glance it appears to be a plain unbound board, but a more careful look will reveal that you can not see or feel fret slots along the edges. The headstock is angled back creating sufficient down pressure over the nut and string trees are not required. The neck is comfortably chunky (~.860"@ 1st fret, ~.960" at 12th) with a round even profile. The fretboard has a compound radius -a very comfortable 9.5" radius at the nut which flattens out to 12" at the 12th fret allowing for very low action and no dead notes even on the deepest bends. The played portion of the neck (between the nut and the heel) is done in a smooth satin oil finish as is the fretboard. The 22 medium stainless steel frets are polished to perfection. The neck is joined to the body using the signature Blackstien neck joint.

The body is swamp ash with a spruce top. It is fully hollowed out - the only remaining wood inside the body in directly under the bridge plate and around the neck joint so the guitar overall is unusually light. The Tone Bucket comes standard with ivoroid binding and zipper purfling and the lower bout has a 45^ comfort bevel under the forearm. The bridge is in the traditional style, with compensated brass saddles. Strings are anchored by ferrules in the back of the guitar and pass through the solid block of wood under the bridge. Thanks to it's hollow design and unique neck joint, the tone bucket sounds very lively and woody, with a lightning quick attack and exceptional note definition. The bridge pickup is a higher-output version of it's traditional counterpart. It is full and bright with plenty of twang. The neck position is occupied by a Blackstien B-Type™ which throws a much beefier tone into the mix -being suspended from a freely vibrating spruce top lends it a more hollow-body type tonal response. Volume, tone, and a 4-way selector lever let you sweep through the different tones from bright and twangy to booming, clear lows that will make it sound almost like a baritone guitar.
Buzz Cut ™ auto engage variable hum canceling is standard.

Body: 2-piece Swamp Ash, fully hollow w/ bridge+neck blocks, Spruce top w/ivoroid binding, zipper purfling and forearm bevel. Phenolic Resin ('Bakelite') or custom pickguard. High Gloss 2-tone finish in custom colours.
Neck: 1-piece plain quarter-sawn maple, Birdseye Maple fretboard w/ matching birdseye binding, black dot inlays, stainless steel frets, bone nut. Headcap matches pickguard. High gloss vintage amber finish on headstock+heel, satin Tru-Oil finish on back of the neck and fretboard.
Custom Colours: Click to view

Traditional string-thru body 3-saddle bridge w/compensated brass saddles.
Gotoh open-back vintage style tuners.
2x Blackstien hand wound pickups- Traditional style in the bridge, B-Type™ in the neck.
Buzz-Cut™ auto engage variable hum-canceling.

Master volume, master tone.
4-way pickup selector lever:
Hot/Vintage output level (coil tap) S-1 switch-optional.
Easy access trim pot for Buzz-Cut™.

Neck Width: 1-5/8" Nut, 2" 12th fret.
Neck Thickness .860" 1st fret - .960" 12th fret.
Fretboard Radius: Compound radius, 9.5"to12".
Fretwire: Medium.
Neck joint: Horizontal Dovetail.

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